TreeIllustrator is a program for displaying and manipulating phylogenetic trees.
It gives you powerful means to customise your phylogenetic trees and compare them with the current classification of organisms.

Developed by Geert Trooskens, David De Beule, Frederik Decouttere and Wim Van Criekinge
Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics
Department of Molecular Biotechnology
Faculty of Bioscience engineering.
Ghent University

TreeIllustrator was developed as part of The SeqPad software suite,
a productivity & collaboration solution for Life Science researchers in the specialized domains of Genomics, Proteomics and Phylogenetics by the Genohm company, a spin-off of the Ghent University, Belgium

  • Handle trees with up to thousands of leafs
  • Import NEXUS(PAUP*) and NEWICK(PHYLIP) files
  • Pan mode allows dragging nodes with the mouse, witch gives you great visibilty improvements
  • Use of different Tree shapes: radial, radial logarithmic, phylogram, rectangular cladogram, radial cladogram and slanted cladogram
  • Build in tree of life browser and search engine.
  • Incongruence finder by comparing your tree with the tree of life
  • Export to Bitmap (JPEG) an vector (PostScript) formats
  • Cross-platform distributions for the Apple, Linux and Windows platforms